It’s almost like a hive mind is developing in this crisis. Loo rolls, soap, hand sanitiser, bleach, tinned tomatoes, then flour and yeast, were stockpiled. Keeping ahead of the stockpilers, means thinking outside the box, and using a bit of lateral thinking, to adapt to situations in this new reality.

Supposing that you are a keyworker, needing to make a long essential journey. This involves several potential contamination points.

Firstly, filling up with fuel means wearing gloves when handling fuel pumps. It may not be possible to buy drinks, snacks and newspapers in the shop and the petrol station may require contactless payment by card.

Secondly, if you have to take your snacks and drinks with you, do you really want to drink warm orange juice, this summer ? The solution is to trawl the internet for truckers’ forums and buy the 12v cooler which long-distance truckers recommend the most. Some will fit neatly behind the driver’s seat of the average car. If the price is too high, the usual picnic cooler should suffice, with plenty of ice blocks. If you are buying chilled food by mail or courier, you will end up with quite a few of these, which can be disinfected, rinsed and stashed in your freezer, if that is big enough. Providing that there’s a bit of expansion room at the top, plastic bottles of water will do the same job if frozen.

Motorway service station loos could be another source of contamination. The sort of ‘space age’ sliding door loos seen in Europe, clean themselves after every occupant. A bit of advance planning with Toilet Map could really help.

If, however, you will be somewhere off the beaten track, a portable urinal (with free female adapter) with 1200ml capacity, can be purchased on offer at 24/04/20 for 15.00 GBP on BOGOF from Chums, with VAT relief available Chums – portable urinal

When it comes to, faeces, please take them home with you, treble bagged if necessary ! (Dog poo bags could be handy here as carrier bags usually have holes) It really isn’t a nice surprise to find bags of human waste in country laybys. You may be asymptomatic and leaving a source of Covid-19 behind you.

The Stade, Hastings December 2011. Copyright Théroigne Russell 2020


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