Founded by Dave Dodd and Steven Smith in 1990, Poundland used £1 as the price point for everything across its stores. At the time this was a novel idea on British high streets. Since then, many prices have escalated.

Stock changes all the time and varies from store to store. One shop may sell eggs and Frosties more quickly than another.

Currently, at 30/04/20, here are a few of the more Foodie items which you might be able to find from Poundland stores, if your local store is open.

Sea salt grinder 110g £1 not available 29/09/21
John West tuna in spring water 145g £1
Napolina 4pk tinned chopped tomatoes £2 not available 29/09/21

NB: These products are likely to differ store to store and go out of stock quickly.

UPDATE 29/09/21
Staveleys eggs 12 pack £1 – not organic but if you’re into baking it brings the cost down Staveleys Eggs 12 Pack

Colman’s English Mustard 170g £1 not gluten free
Colmans English Mustard 170g

Princes corned beef 340g £2 Made to Brazilian Government standards not EU standards Princes Corned Beef 340g

John West wild pink salmon 213g £2
John West Wild Pacific Salmon 213g

Napolina Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml £2
Napolina Virgin Oil 500ml

HP sauce 600g £2 HP Sauce 600g (
biggest size in Waitrose 450g for 2.35 so value for money. When in stock, Amazon UK has a 4 litre jug of HP sauce for 15.75 however.
Dirty keto only as contains glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, molasses, dates, modified cornflour. 4.2g carbs per 15g serving.

Napolina chopped tomatoes 4 pack £2
Napolina Chopped Tomatoes 4 Pack

Whitworths Nutty Nibbles 100g Almonds £1
Whitworths Almonds 100g

Whitworths Nutty Nibbles 90g Walnuts £1
Whitworths Nutty Nibbles Walnuts 90g

Whitworths Nutty Nibbles 300g Monkey Nuts £1
Whitworths Monkey Nuts 300g



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