Pikt is a family business supplying organic and plastic-free fruit and vegetables to foodservice customers, offices and homes. It had been supplying domestic customers way before the pandemic.

Pikt Fresh | Organic Fruit & Veg Box Delivery UK

HOMEY box order placed 09/04/20, 16 items out of possible 25 and delivered 15/04/20:

Avocado 1.80
Aubergine 1..50
Bananas 2.20
Brown onions 1.35
Cherry tomatoes 1.25
Chestnut mushrooms 2.20
Courgettes (2) 1.55
Easy peelers 0.85
Garlic string 3.00
Leeks 2.00
Lemons 0.75
Pears 0.90
Red onions 1.35
Romano peppers 1.35
Shallots 2.00
Topaz apples 1.00

TOTAL £25.05 which includes shipping by DPD

The first problem encountered was ordering. Back on 09/04/20 there was a message saying that the browser (Microsoft Edge) wasn’t supported, just Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Even with Mozilla Firefox, the ordering process was clunky.

Picking your own fruit and veg for a box is a concept which Abel & Cole and Riverford should adopt. Most of us aren’t hippies and we don’t want pot luck boxes.

The box seems cheap at first glance. That’s because the photos aren’t for illustrative purposes, they DO show the quantity you get for each item.

The Italian garlic string seemed good value at £3.00. Topaz apples were tasty but expensive, compared to organic apples in supermarkets. The shallots were a good price for the quantity.

Lots of the vegetables were blemished. They really didn’t look great quality. One might forgive an organic grower like Riverford, a few caterpillar holes in a Savoy cabbage. But when it comes to imported organic lemons looking grotty, that’s a quality issue. Either not specifying good quality or not having good quality control systems in place, or simply storing produce badly. Sending out produce in a condition which is less than great, is frankly, daft. That isn’t the way to get repeat orders. It wasn’t worth photographing this order and it certainly isn’t worth recommending.

It’s a NO from MaisonKeto

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