Netherend Farm is situated in Woodside, Gloucestershire, and has been farmed by the same family, since 1936. Originally, the farm sold milk and cream to villagers and then expanded gradually. By the 1990s, Netherend Farm was selling milk to milkround retailers, shops and restaurants.

Buying a wooden butter churn, to produce handmade butter from surplus cream, proved a hit, locally. In one of those fortuitous happy accidents, someone from a dairy distributor discovered the butter, which led to an expansion. Netherend Farm now sells butter from Red Tractor Assured and organic farms in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties, to Claridge’s, The Langham, Harrods, Soho Farmhouse and Waitrose

If you are a Milk & More customer, you can buy a 250g roll of both the salted and unsalted organic butters for 2.99 each 50p per roll cheaper, than the 3.49 per roll, which Netherend Farm sells them for, on their own website !

Netherend Farm Organic Lightly Salted Butter | Dairy | Mik & More (
Netherend Farm Organic Unsalted Butter Roll | Dairy | Milk & More (

Maison Keto is not aware of any stockist of Netherend Farm organic ghee, so it must be bought direct. 9.99 for 250g
Buy ghee online in Gloucestershire — Netherend Farm ( The ghee is superb. It’s best described as having a flavour like clotted cream.

Ghee is the Indian name, for clarified butter. It is a process which you can do yourself at home, if you wish. There are plenty of videos on YouTube.

Clarifying butter removes the milk solids and leaves behind pure butterfat. Ghee has a smoke point of 485F ie the point at which it starts to smoke and will burn. The high smoke point makes it a very stable fat for cooking.

Ayurvedic medicine, uses aged ghee, that can be 100 years old. You can read more about this here. Please don’t use ghee as a medicine unless you have consulted your physician.

Maison Keto order placed 17/04/20 received 21/04/20
Netherend Farm organic ghee 300g x2 19.98
DPD delivery 6.47
TOTAL 26.45

UPDATE 05/05/22 Netherend Farm has a sale on organic ghee reduced from 9.99 to 6.99

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