Waitrose & Partners began as Waite, Rose and Taylor, in Acton in 1904. when Wallace Wyndham Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor joined forces to open their first shop. David Taylor left and Waitrose Ltd began in 1908. By 1914, the business had acquired several shops and was also a wholesaler, supplying the Army at Catterick.

Arthur Rose was injured during World War One and left the business altogether in 1923. Wallace Wyndham Waite had shops in both affluent areas and in poorer ares – here, they were known as Wyndhams.

By 1937, Waite was looking to pass on the business, which now had 10 shops and 160 staff and they joined the John Lewis Partnership on 1st October 1937. Waite stayed with Waitrose, until he retired in 1940.

Waitrose opened its first supermarket in Streatham, London, in 1955. There are now over 300 stores.

In January 2002, Waitrose began selling its products to Ocado, the online supermarket. This partnership ends on 31 August 2020. From 1 September 2020 the only place where Waitrose products can be found, will be at Waitrose. Waitrose’s own food delivery service on which now serves 80% of UK postcodes. No delivery passes, just free delivery on orders over £60.

2002 was quite a year for Waitrose, as it became a Royal Warrant holder, being Grocers and Wine & Spirit Merchants, to Her Majesty The Queen. Waitrose and Partners is the only supermarket to hold a Royal Warrant.

Another important difference between Waitrose and other supermarkets, is that the staff are partners. Effectively, Waitrose is a co-operative.

Waitrose has long been the butt of jokes as being very middle class. Back in 2014, Buzzfeed scoffed at Essentials products. but the same people scoffing about Essential artichoke hearts, probably wouldn’t mind if Waitrose arrived nearby and added £36 000 to the value of their property

Unlike ASDA, you won’t be bothered by children playing football or skateboarding in the aisles, as you shop. Waitrose Weekend and the magazine are worth picking up, and the raison d’etre for a MyWaitrose card. Just forget the coffee..


Waitrose delivery 12/05/20

Waitrose Duchy organic unhomogenised whole milk (2.272 litres/4 pints) 1.85
Waitrose Duchy organic cottage cheese 250g 1.89
Waitrose Duchy organic courgettes 300g 2.00
Waitrose Duchy organic cauliflower (each) 2.15
Waitrose Duchy organic pointed spring cabbage (each) 1.50
Waitrose Duchy organic petits pois (frozen) 500g 2 @2.00 4.00
Waitrose Duchy organic vegetable mix (frozen) 750g 2.69
Waitrose Duchy organic chestnut mushrooms 250g 1.49
Waitrose Duchy organic salad (spring) onions (bunch) 2 @ 1.10 2.20
Waitrose Duchy organic lemons (min 3) 2.00
Waitrose Duchy organic pears (min 4) 2.50
Waitrose Duchy organic pine kernels 100g 4.40
Waitrose Duchy organic walnuts 150g 2.85
Waitrose Duchy organic pistachios 125g 3.00
Waitrose Duchy organic Brazil nuts 150g 3.75
Waitrose Duchy organic mayonnaise 250ml 1.75
Waitrose Duchy organic houmous 200g 1.65
Newman’s Own Italian Dressing 250ml 2 @ 1.65 3.30
Unearthed French Torchon ham 160g 2.50
Waitrose Duchy organic 4 chicken breasts 4.64
Gipsy Hill Bandit gluten free pale ale 330ml 2.00
Celia gluten free organic premium Czech lager 330ml 4 @ 2.29 9.16
Taittinger Brut Reserve champagne 75cl 28.50 (offer)

29 items
Free delivery
Carrier bag charge 40p
TOTAL £92.17

Tried the Unearthed Torchon ham at lunch. Exact same 89% pork content with same additives as the Deli Speciale Torchon ham from Iceland, made in Manchester. Iceland ham is 11p cheaper, but tastes better than the Unearthed ham, from France.

Taittinger was on offer at 28.50 and most of that will be paid for by the 24.99 Ocado refund. It enabled us to cancel the £46 Bollinger from Morrisons as well, for #StaySafe wedding anniversary in June.

Need to check prices and weights for the nuts against Holland & Barrett and Red Rickshaw prices.

First Waitrose delivery since 2017 and very pleased.

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