The high probability, is that we are all having eating challenges during this pandemic.

It starts with finding food in a local corner shop, convenience store or supermarket. You might be able to access a farm, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer or farmers’ market.

You might need a delivery from a supermarket or veg box scheme.

When you have found food, you then have the problem of finding food which is gluten-free or low carb, low fat or lactose free, additive free or organic, vegetarian or vegan. Very many of us have food intolerances and allergies, which our great grandparents didn’t have.

It’s likely, that we are having to make different food choices. Swapping own-brand beans for branded, or vice versa. Having something else for breakfast. Finding it difficult to source eggs or milk.

We are often left looking at the food, wondering whether it’s healthy and whether it will give us all he nutrition we require.

Dr C J Campbell MD of the Cleveland Clinic Canada and dietician Jaclyn Pritchard RD answered questions on food and Covid-19

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