ASDA is a mid-market supermarket. Not as upmarket as Waitrose but equally, not a German discounter, like Aldi and Lidl. Often, it gives them a run for their money, on price and has won awards.

The quality of both ASDA Extra Special and ASDA Organic ranges , is generally very good. The difference between the two, is that organic food will be produced without GM feed and pesticides. There are other ranges, such as ASDA Chosen By You, ASDA Grower’s Selection and ASDA Little Angels. Some organic products can also be found within the Grower’s Selection and Little Angels ranges.

ASDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very good everyday quality Spanish organic olive oil, at a reasonable price. Currently (20/05/20) the oil is 3.25 for 500ml

If you are looking for organic tinned tomatoes, current price at ASDA is 80p for 400g but you will save 10p per can at Morrisons.

ASDA Grower’s Selection organic Fairtrade bananas at 5 for £1 (20/05/20) is a GREAT price and may even be cheaper than those of Lidl and Sainsbury’s the usual lowest price organic banana purveyors. Grower’s Selection organic carrots 500g 65p

ASDA Grower’s Selection organic broccoli 300g £1

ASDA Grower’s Selection organic cauliflower 1.80 each

ASDA Grower’s Selection organic leeks 400g 1.80

Other organic vegetables and fruit include mushrooms, brown onions, red onions, lemons, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples and pears.ASDA also carries organic products from Crazy Jack, Whole Earth, Tarantella, Purely Organic, Ella’s Kitchen, HIPP Organic, Amy’s Kitchen, Organix, Taylor & Colledge,. Clipper, Pukka, Green & Black’s, Nature’s Path, Lucy Bee and Dove’s Farm.

Tarantella organic double contentrate tomato puree 210g (3 small tins) 1.29 – very good tomato puree

Although you can find fruit & veg, chocolate, baby food, vanilla pods, flour, cereal, soup, tea, eggs, peanut butter and more, you won’t find organic meat and chicken.

ASDA does sell ASDA Extra Special Class A Red Tractor whole British duck 2.1kg for 7.50 (20/05/20)

ASDA 10 wild pacific pink salmon fillets (frozen) 1kg is not the best fish, but it’s fine for fish pies and soups

The verdict on ASDA is excellent quality and price for the organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, olive oil, tinned tomatoes – and a decent range of organic branded products. Even in normal times, in a larger store, the stock availability on organic fruit and veg can be patchy. But if you can go there first, you will save money on a lot of produce, compared to other supermarkets.

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