It has to be said, that Morrisons has stepped up to the plate in a crisis. with boxes and Deliveroo delivery and a discount for farmers. Morrisons bought at least half of an Ocado warehouse and deliveries used to come from warehouses. At the moment, deliveries are being picked from stock.

My local Morrisons was rebuilt after a fire. The foyer area with butchery, fish, pizza etc looks beautiful. It’s more Waitrose than Waitrose. As soon as you turn into the first aisle however, it feels like you’re back in the old store, which was pretty cramped.

Morrisons has a decent selection of fruit and veg but how much organic you get (and what) depends where you live. You may find things which aren’t on the website. like Morrisons organic broccoli and cauliflower florets or you may not even find Morrisons organic unsweetened soya milk.

In some Morrisons, you may smell the fish, before you see it, which isn’t a good sign. Buying fish which looks great, but is off by the next day, with a strong ammonia smell, isn’t good either. My advice would be, not to buy reduced price stuff and ask the fishmonger what came in that day.

Most Morrisons stores which I have visited in East Kent. have a decent selection of Polish food, and the Lisner herrings are good, especially the one with apple, cucumber and sour cream.

Morrisons can be surprisingly good for cookware eg Pyrex, loaf tins but it’s probably the most expensive supermarket for organic bananas (try ASDA, Lidl or Sainsbury’s).

Was surprised to get a delivery slot for 21/05/20


Rejected the non-organic mushrooms, leeks, organic stock pots, corn fed chicken breasts, tinned tomatoes. Didn’t get the vitamin D tablets, Dettol, spring onions and only one packet of Brazil nuts.

I had put a note asking for NO non- organic so I taped a note to the door apologising, stating that and listing the items to go back.

Morrisons organic carrots 600g 75p
Morrisons organic bell peppers (2) x2 @ 1.60 3.20
Arla Lactofree Fresh Whole Milk 1L x4 @1.45 = 5.80 2 for £2 offer – 4.00 saving 1.80
Morrisons organic Mature Cheddar 250g x2 @ 2.10 4.20
President Brie 200g 2.00 – 50p off = 1.50
John West sardines in olive oil 120g x2 @1.00 2.00
Kallo organic very low salt vegetable stock cubes (6) 60g x2 @1.40 2.80
Morrisons 35% organic balsamic vinegar 50ml 2.00
Nairn’s gluten free oat muesli 450g 2.80
Pepsi Max Cherry (8 x 330ml) x2 @ 3.50 7.00
Imodium Plus Comfort (6) 4.50 – 50p off 4.00
Morrisons Brazils 200g 2.50 2 ordered 1 delivered but was part of a 2 for £4 offer so charged £2 = saved 50p

No delivery charge as delivery pass holder

Morrisons obviously didn’t charge for unavailable items so taking off subs returned

TOTAL 31.45

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