Coombe Farm Organic began in 2015, although the farm has been Soil Association-certified for over twenty years. Coombe Farm has been farmed since the 1940s. and is situated at Roundham, near Crewkerne in Somerset. When owner Andrew Warren died in 1986, ownership of the 2000 acre farm, passed to the A.H.Warren Trust. .

At the moment, for a limited time only, Coombe Farm Organic is selling organic veg boxes from River Cottage’s kitchen garden (Coombe Farm supplies meat to River Cottage).


Delivery 21/05/20

Organic goat mince 250g 4.75
Organic mutton burgers (2) x 2 9.00
Organic venison mince 250g 4.00
Diced pork x2 7.90
Belly pork slices 500g 8.25
Organic diced leeks 2.50
Organic juniper berries 3.00

TOTAL 43.90

Second delivery from Coombe Farm Organics. Most of the first one, is still in the freezer though. Organic mutton burgers were juicy and flavourful so we bought them again. The retired dairy burgers and steaks just weren’t to our taste. The venison mince is decent.


Minimum order is £40 and delivery costs £5. If you live in the Crewkerne area, you can Click & Collect.

Coombe Farm Organic sells beef, retired dairy beef, venison, pork, lamb, mutton, chicken, duck, game, turkey, and goose. Charcuterie, sausages and burgers (gluten free included) are sold, as well as nitrate-free bacon, offal and fats. Cabrito goat meat is available, as well as bones, stock, pies, organic ready meals, vegetables and herbs

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