Australia’s University of Newcastle is doing long-term research on diet. It was aimed at Australians, but other nationalities are welcome. They focus particularly on healthy eating for people on a low budget, with little time, or both.

If you complete the diet quiz, and sign up, then you can see how healthy your diet is and how healthy it is, compared to other people of your age and gender.

If you low carb, please be aware that the research is based on standard Western diet. You just need to focus on making sure that you do well on protein, alternative proteins, vegetables and water, because you won’t do well on bread, grains and fruit. Weirdly, no questions are asked about consumption of butter, olive oil, dripping, lard, avocado oil, coconut oil etc. No questions either about caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

If you aren’t doing well in any particular area, you will find recipes on your dashboard, recommended for you. The website also has other recipes, some of which are low carb, vegetarian etc.

You can set yourself goals, read nutrition news and it’s all free.

No Money No Time

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