Morrisons delivery 25-05-20

Clarence Court white duck eggs (6) 2.50 will have one for breakfast
Arla Lactofree Whole milk (fresh) 1L 2 for £2 in freezer
Hodgetts Malvern Ale & Mustard cheese 1.80 new one for us
President Brie £2 substitute for President Camembert
Leerdammer Original 8 slices £2
Mexicana Original hot Cheddar slices £2
John West Sardines in Olive Oil 120g £1
John West Mackerel Fillets in Tomato and Chilli Sauce 1.25
Heinz baked beans small can triple pack 1.70
Garner’s Pickled Onions 454g 2.75
Knorr organic vegetable stock pots 1.80
Knorr organic chicken stock pots 1.80
Morrisons organic chopped tomatoes 70p
Morrisons organic mushrooms £1
Morrisons organic spring onions 2 @ £1 £2
Stella Artois gluten free (4) 4.50
Pepsi Max Cherry 2 @£3 £6
Rennies sugar free £4
Morrisons A4 paper 3.50

TOTAL 45.80

Didn’t get organic chicken breast fillets, Camembert, organic leeks, Dettol, Bannisters Farm cheese and jalapeno potatoes, organic eggs, Birds Eye veggie fingers, Davidstow Cornish Cheddar, Morrisons Free From sage and onion stuffing, gluten free chocolate fingers, Warburtons gluten free Tiger bloomer.

We have one Hobbs House Bakery gluten-free bread mix to use, as a substitute for the Tiger loaf and part-baked organic focaccia rolls coming next week.

Birds Eye veggie fingers would be a substitute for sausages, which we are nearly out of. 13.5g of carbs for two fingers, oven-baked.

The Camembert was going to be baked, so that idea is on hold. The Davidstow was going on a cheeseboard with the Malvern Ale & Mustard Cheddar and other cheeses.

Organic chicken breast fillets were for the freezer and would have been stuffed.

Cheese gets vacuumed up at lunch time. Leerdammer, Mexicana and Brie are lunch cheeses. We try to get some prosciutto or Torchon ham or sardines, anchovies, salmon, sprats, sardinillas for a pick and mix. Cornichons, pickled onions, pickled eggs or hard-boiled, if we have enough. Tomatoes, radishes, celery, mushrooms, Little Gem lettuces, celery, cucumber, beetroot,. At the moment it varies so much, because like most people, we can’t always buy what we want.

Sardines, tuna, salmon, sprats, and tinned seafood are all worth keeping in the cupboard. Jack Monroe has easy cheap recipes which use them on

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