In 2019, Business Insider visited the Lea & Perrins factory in Worcester, to see how Lea & Perrins makes the original Worcestershire sauce.

Marcus Sandys, 3rd Baron Sandys, brought a fish sauce recipe back from Bengal and asked John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins, dispensing chemists in Manchester, to make it. It turned out putrid and as legend has it, Lea and Perrins left the barrel in a basement. After three years of fermentation, the sauce was so much better, that they began selling it in 1837.

Lea & Perrins is owned by Kraft Heinz. The Worcestershire sauce made in Pittsburgh uses distilled white vinegar instead of malt vinegar. The American Lea & Perrins has a different bottle which is wrapped in paper, and the factory also makes a reduced sodium version of the Worcestershire sauce and an L&P brand steak sauce.

The original and authentic British version, is exported to Canada and Australia.

Lea & Perrins UK website
Lea & Perrins US website

Both websites have recipes. but here’s a recipe for Worcestershire-marinated rib eye steaks with red wine reduction, from Chefs USA.

It should be noted that the chef in the video pronounces Worcestershire sauce incorrectly. In the UK, it’s usually called Worcester sauce and pronounced like the town. Not Woocester, not Woochester, but more a clipped Wooster. But definitely not a Woooster, either.

Worcester sauce is an essential ingredient of the Bloody Mary cocktail, as shown here for Royal grocers Waitrose & Partners.

Fred Whitlock was making his own version of Worcester sauce, in New Zealand, in 1877. The brand F. Whitlock & Sons is today owned by Cerebo Gregg’s Ltd and used under licence by Walter and Wild.

The New Zealand version is both vegetarian and gluten free. It can be bought in the UK from stores specialising in Australasian products eg SANZA

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