Never heard of it ? It’s a new term, which I just invented this afternoon.

I wanted to buy organic celery, to make Hauser Broth, from DIET DID IT: GAYELORD HAUSER but Morrisons is out of stock, for my delivery. I had managed to get a delivery slot on Sunday, from ASDA, so added it to that.

To be fair to other shoppers and yet get most of what you want, here’s how to do it:

  1. DON’T book a delivery slot, if you are able to use Click and Collect or shop in-store.
  2. Only book ONE slot per seven days, as requested by supermarkets.
  3. Prioritise the fresh, nutritious food, over junk, which won’t keep you healthy and frozen veg.
  4. If you get all the items you want in Week One, you can edit the order in Week Two and take-off those items, leaving them for someone else. If you don’t get them in Week One, check that you have them on the order in Week Two.
  5. When the Week One order arrives, send back any unwanted substitutions, so that other people can have them. Try to check your email before the delivery, so that you can tape up a list of unwanted subs. Some supermarkets will let you refuse substitutions, before checkout. If you can do that, it helps the delivery driver.
  6. In Week Two, you will hopefully be able to order for Week Three.

Is it worth ordering something from a supermarket, which always seems out of stock ?
Yes, it shows the supermarket, that the demand for that product is still there.

For shoppers in Britain, seeing empty shelves in supermarkets, get used to it. Hard Brexit is coming this Winter. Be flexible, using farms, foodservice deliveries, village shops, vegbox schemes and convenience stores.

Make broths and soups and freeze them. Make bread, not cakes. Make your own chips from potatoes bought in bulk. Keep planting veg if you can. A freezer full of ice cream and chips, is pointless. If you have a glut of home-grown veg and fruit, try freezing or bottling it or make chutney, pasta sauce, jam, pies and crumbles.

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