First delivery since February arrived today with everything on the order arriving and no substitutions. No bags though, because they have run out, evidently.

Steaks on the left are 30 day matured organic rump 2 x 225g steaks for 8.48. The steaks on the right, the fattier ones, are 30 day matured organic ribeyes. Again 225g each, and two cost £12. Also on the right is the small roasting joint, 7.50 for 600g. This is really only for cold cuts. The mince is 12% fat organic beef mince, which gets cheaper as the fat % goes up hence 2 x 400g packs for £6. This will be used for low carb cottage pie and burgers. Two 250g packs of Sainsbury’s Basics lard for 40p each. This is the only lard which Sainsbury’s sells. Doesn’t mention hydrogenation on the wrapper. All of this stuff disappeared into the freezer.

First big Evian top-up since February, with four packs of the 6 x 500ml size. £8, saving 1.20. The green boxes are Sainsbury’s SO organic Fairtrade 80 teabags which are well worth trying and at 1.50, half the price of Clipper Everyday Organic 100 teabags (£3 each, Morrisons or 6 boxes for £18, Amazon).

No vegetables, because these had arrived during the week, from Abel & SCole, Morrisons, Riverford, Waitrose and Watts Farm.

Delivery was on time, got everything ordered, polite driver. Not his fault bags had run out. Ballpark figure for everything in the photo, ie organic meat, organic Kalamata olives, organic avocado oil, pork crackling, organic mushrooms, lard, organic eggs, Evian and organic teabags was just over £66.

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