Organic. No added sugar. Low carb at 9g carbs per 80g pot. Cheap, at 4 x 80g pots for £1.75. Widely available in British supermarkets or direct from Ella’s Kitchen. Vegetarian, nut free, soya, free, egg free.

Yes, it is baby food, designed for kids over 7 months old. 50% organic apples, 40% organic whole milk, 10% organic oatmeal.. and that’s it. No other ingredients.

9g carbs per 80g pot of which 4.7g is sugar. It doesn’t really taste sweet or milky. It has more of a butterscotch apple flavour.

Although strict keto dieters may balk, for those with a more generous daily carb allowance, it can be the basis of a quick breakfast stirred into Greek yogurt, with crushed pieces of nuts. Or it can be a quick snack, which is portable, with a spoon to hand. It can be a pudding, stirred into Greek yogurt or double cream.


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