Dr Maryanne Demasi’s paper has been published by the BMJ. It’s not the first paper to lay bare the facts that people with metabolic syndrome including hypertension (high blood pressure) and Type Two Diabetes, have worse outcomes with Covid-19.

Questions are being raised about diet. Does the Standard American Diet (SAD), prevalent in developed nations, lead to metabolic disease ? Many doctors (including cardiologists) believe so eg Dr Aseem Malhotra EAT REAL FOOD, PROTECT THE NHS, SAVE LIVES (VIDEO)

This gives those on the committee reviewing American dietary guidelines, additional food for thought (pun intended) as many have garnered financial support from Big Food and/or Big Pharma in the past. Do they give the nod to their backers and keep current guidelines despite the Diet-Heart Hypothesis being broken see SATURATED FATS AND HEALTH: A REASSESSMENT and video explanation SATURATED FAT DANGERS DR KEN D BERRY MD (VIDEO) or do they stick with outmoded recommendations ?

It’s not just the immediate health concerns for Americans during the pandemic at stake. USA exports a huge amount of wheat, corn and soya. It also exports or licenses many of the products made from them eg breakfast cereals. If the USA advises Americans to cut down on these products, not only does it affect the domestic economy, but also exports. Governments and communities around the world, might shun these ‘foods’ also.

A can of worms has been opened with the revelation that studies which proved that the Diet-Heart Hypothesis was incorrect. Can Americans sue their government, for giving them dietary guidelines, which made them sick ? That’s the trillion dollar question.

The probability is that the dietary guidelines won’t change. It’s therefore up to individuals to make their own health decisions for both short-term and longer-term, taking onboard the advice of their physicians. Those in the USA have access to doctors who will help them if they choose low carb. NHS GPs are not allowed to deviate from NHS Policy, which includes the Eatwell Guide, with the recommendation to base the diet on carbohydrates.

In Britain, it’s ironic that the present Health Minister, Matt Hancock MP and former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Tom Watson. lost weight on a low carb diet. In an earlier era, Quintin Hogg aka Lord Hailsham (1907-2001) also lost weight on a low carb diet, as referenced in EAT FAT AND GROW SLIM by Dr Richard Mackarness.

Here’s a link to Dr Maryanne Demasi’s paper
COVID-19 and metabolic syndrome: could diet be the key? | BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine

There are several YouTube videos of lectures and TV shows which Dr Demasi has given or been involved with, covering fat, cholesterol and statins

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