One of the great things about Lidl, besides the prices, is the way in which pro-Brexit Brits mingle with Europeans in a German discounter, without punch-ups.

Lidl doesn’t have a huge range of products and it doesn’t have the same range every week. It can be difficult to shop there if you are used to a bigger range and more unusual food choices BUT you certainly will find some organic and gluten-free food.

Think of Lidl as a delicatessen and delve in there for all sorts of hams, sausages, cheeses, fish, nuts, and veg.

Lidl has weeks when it showcases European food. From Thursday 16/07/20 to Wednesday 22/07/20 it’s Spanish Week.

Offers for meat lovers include a 1.1kg air-dried Spanish Serrano ham, plus knife and board. Catalan air-dried pork sausage is 1.39 for 170g and 400g of Iberian chorizo is available at 2.99.

For cheese lovers, there’s also 250g of Manchego cheese PDO for 2.59 and 600g of Tetillo cheese, for 3.99.

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