The back cover blurb, claims that Frances De Salles is a ‘ world renowned nutritionist and dietician ‘ but we’ve not been able to substantiate that. She did write another book, Doctor’s Diet Cookbook (1979), which is still available on Amazon UK.

This book, (or more accurately booklet), published in1974, is entitled Carbohydrate Diet Cookbook on the front cover and Low Carbohydrate Diet Cookbook on the back cover. It was popular enough to have had ten print runs.

The booklet claims to have 2500 alphabetically arranged carbohydrate ratings, which would be useful, if they are still accurate. It also gives the vitamin ratings for these foods.

The introduction starts well, with mentions of William Banting, Wiljamur Stefansson and Professor Alan Kekwick. It even mentions ketosis. However, on the very first recipe page, third recipe from the top, it calls for ‘ 2 pounds of choice sirloin steak, trimmed of fat ‘.

Whether it was Seventies culinary fashion, or Ms De Salles’ personal preference, she’s big on anchovies and herrings in appetizers.

Other ingredients, which low carbers would probably avoid, are cream cracker crumbs, breadcrumbs, diabetic lime flavored gelatin and bread stuffing. Of the 200+ recipes, only about 25 look useful, including roast rabbit with curry sauce, baked pork chops with lemon, grilled sardines with ginger sauce, 15 minute meatloaf, oxtail soup, broiled squabs, roast guinea hen, Hungarian pork chops and baked cabbage mountain-style.

Frances De Salles includes a lot of flourless sauces, which are great for adding flavour. Bearnaise, spicy Hollandaise, sour cream mustard, French garlic, curried cheese, mustard and rosy butter plus Tabasco butter barbecue spread, for steaks.

We will be trying some of these sauces and other recipes too.

It’s unlikely that you will find a copy of this American book in the UK, but do consider buying it, if you can get it for cheap, just for the sauces.

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