Bargain hunting Brits can find low carb and keto, on special offer at convenience stores. The products won’t be organic and they may be lazy or dirty keto, but keto is keto and if you’re watching your budget, every little helps.

Best-one – July offers

Birds Eye 4 Original beef quarterpounders were 2.99, now 2.50
John West wild pink Pacific salmon 418g 2.99
John West tuna steak in spring water 110g 1.19
Mild white Cheddar and Mild coloured Cheddar, two 200g blocks for £3


Co-op roast chicken drumsticks 350g were £3 now £2 to 25/08/20
Co-op chicken cocktail sausages 200g £2 included in 3 for 2 to 25/08/20
Co-op mixed olives trio 240g £3 included in 3 for 2 deal to 25/08/20
Co-op lemon and coriander green olives 240g included in 3 for 2 to 25/08/20
Co-op British cocktail sausages 250g 2.15 included in 3 foe 2 to 25/08/20
Seriously Strong Extra Mature white Cheddar 350g was £5 now 2.50 to 03/08/20
Seriously Strong Mature white Cheddar 350g was £5 now 2.50 to 04/08/20
Co-op British quarterpounder burgers (4) 454g was 3.50 now 2.65 to 04/06/20
Co-op Little Gem lettuces (2) were 90p now 69p to 04/08/20
Co-op cream cheese-filled peppers 120g 2.40 included in 3 for 2 to 25/08/20
Co-op British rump steak 227g £4 or 3 for £10 to 04/08/20
Co-op British chicken mini breast fillets 385g £4 or 3 for £10 to 04/08/20

Londis to 02/08/20

Bacon 2 packs for £4
Seriously Creamy Mature cheese 350g was 5.99 reduced to 2.99
Seriously Strong Extra Mature Cheese 350g as 5.99 reduced to 2.99
Mawgan Bay skewers tiger prawn and peppers 2 for £7


Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml reduced to 2.50
Seriously Strong cheeses half price or better
Co-op two flat mushrooms £1
Co-op sugar snap peas £1
Co-op Little Gem lettuce 69p

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