Coca-Cola Europe used to sell Honest Kids organic juice drinks, which were great, because the bottles contained organic juices, diluted with mineral water and without added sugar. Although the Honest Kids logo remains on the website, there’s no other brand information and the juice drinks have disappeared from British supermarkets

HiPP, the organic baby food company from Germany, produces HiPP organic mixed fruit juice with mineral water, however.

Amazon Prime price was 8.70 for six 500ml bottles.ie 1.45 each. The juice drink contains natural mineral water, 24% organic apple juice from concentrate, 15% reduced acid organic red grape juice and 1% organic aronia (chokeberry) juice from concentrate.

The juice drink contains 5.2 grams of carbs per 100ml, of which 5g is naturally occurring sugar. That makes a 500ml bottle out of reach for anyone on a keto diet, but for low carbers allowing less than 130g carbs per day, it’s an option.

Most flavoured waters have sugar or sweeteners and an artificial taste, whereas this will taste like diluted fruit juice.


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