If you are a walnut lover, the cheapest price per 100g for organic walnut pieces, is 1.50 for a 100g Crazy Jack bag, at ASDA.

Costco’s Kirkland USDA-certified organic Californian walnuts cost 13.59 for a 771g bag, or 1.77 per 100g. Next cheapest is the Holland & Barrett offer (as at 05/08/20) on their Wholly Walnuts own-brand organic walnuts, two 250g bags for £9. Sainsbury’s has both organic walnut halves and organic walnut pieces for 1.90 per 100g. Anything above that is getting expensive.

Advance warning: From 1st September 2020, Waitrose products will not be sold by Ocado. You can order from in 90% of UK postcodes. No delivery fee, but £60 minimum order. Waitrose has just announced drive through Click & Collect at 70 stores. For minimum spends and further details on Click & Collect, see website.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal has exposed the fragility of Britain’s food supply system, with 47% of our food imported
Covid-19 exposes the UK’s broken food system | The BMJ

There has been a bit of a heatwave in Britain (by our standards) and if you’re looking for low carb recipes which get you in and out of the kitchen quickly, My Productive Backyard posted 53 recipes in July, which may help.
53 Cool Low Carb Keto Recipes for Hot Weather – My Productive Backyard

Oxfam has a sale on currently (06/08/20) with up to 50% off selected books, including food and drink

Aldi: Secrets of the Billion Dollar Discounter explores Aldi’s German roots, business model, expansion in UK and how it fared during lockdown. Available on Channel 5’s My5 until September 2026

TIP: It costs less to buy refill packets of herbs and spices. If you store them side on in a cupboard, you can write the name of the herb or spice plus the use-by date on the box. Using them after this date won’t kill you, but the herbs and spices do lose their potency and the whole idea, is to add flavour to your food.

Lidl has just launched its’ 100th store in Beckton, London and aims to open another 30 stores in London, by the end of 2023.

SPIKE – have been using this for awhile now and like it in dressings.

If you’re looking for lower carb cocoa, check out Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa. 5g total carbs per serving (1 tablespoon). Just 100% cocoa, nothing added. Green & Black’s organic cocoa is 11g carbs per serving. Buy from Amazon or by Googling American groceries, online.

Vegemite now has a gluten-free version, 4.95 for 235g available from SANZA

The organic ghee came direct from Netherend Farm

Have been using Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar for some months now and if we can find a how-it’s- made video, may do a post on that. But it’s good stuff.

Soon is a relative term, taking into account how long it takes to read and review a book, but this one, Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis MD is a classic on the ever-growing stalagmite stack, waiting for the Maison Cool treatment.

If you’re doing Low Carb on a Budget, here’s a free ebook taster of the book Paleo Canteen Low Carb on a Budget

The full digital cookbook is 9.99 or you can pre-order the physical cookbook for 14.99 and get a signed copy by the authors John Meechan (formerly of Ottolenghi) and Ally Houston (founder of Paleo Canteen) with 50p going to Public Health Collaboration.

New arrival this week.. The Primal Blueprint Cookbook (2010), by Mark Sissons. The pile of books to review just grows and grows.

The Montignac Diet (British edition 2005) by Dr Michel Montignac is moving up the review pile. Looking forward to this one, as the cake was delicious and there are links to recipes.

Last week, the blog Little Things posted a round up of celebs who have used a low carb diet You may not be interested at all, but you may come across friends and family who will start thinking more positively about a lower carb lifestyle if you chuck a few celeb names at them.. Friends and relatives will probably reason that if someone with millions and access to the best healthcare does it, maybe low carb isn’t as bad as they thought. You never know, they may join you on your low carb journey.

A new feature is coming to Maison Cool. Recipes from supermarkets around the world, with the tweaks needed to make them low carb and the links to the original recipe. This follows on from CONVENIENCE STORE LOW CARB RECIPES because for any WOE (Way of Eating) or diet, it’s imperative that it fits in with your lifestyle. Recipes gathered so far, are from Aldi, ASDA, Lidl, Morrisons, PicknPay, Safeway, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Woolworths. The recipes use ingredients available in the supermarkets.

Coming soon.. review of Life Without Bread, the American version of low carb hero Dr Wolfgang Lutz’s classic book.

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