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Recipes which are low carb, or which can be adapted to be so, are everywhere. It isn’t necessary to buy even one cook book. Recipes from websites and magazines can be a tad esotoric or exclusive, depending on the readers. The whole point of supermarket recipes however, is to entice you to buy more of their products, in-store or online.

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The life cycle of an avocado and how to grow one of your own (

Avocado lovers listen up! You’ve probably been cutting them wrong all this time… | Woman & Home (


Baked avocado cups with sausage and egg – Evening Standard, London
How to make baked avocado cups with sausage and egg | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard
Beverley Hicks’ recipe kicked off a series of low carb recipes in January 2017. No tweaking necessary..

Avocado, red onion and vine cherry tomato salad with lime and coriander salsa – SuperValu, Ireland
Avocado, Red Onion & Vine Cherry Tomato Salad with Lime & Coriander Salsa – SuperValu

Egg and avocado bake – Costcutter, UK
Egg & Avocado Bake Recipe (

Avocado and yogurt hummus – Fage
Avocado and Yoghurt Hummus | Fage UK
This contains chick peas so one for low carbers in small quantities rather than for people on a keto diet. Use the full fat 5% Total yogurt.Could be a good summer party snack item.

Baked avocado and egg cups – Food Lovers Market, South Africa
Baked Avocado & Egg Cups – Food Lover’s Market (
Just omit the butter beans.

Smoked salmon and avocado – SuperValu, Ireland
Smoked Salmon and Avocado – SuperValu

Wonky avocado salad – Morrisons. UK
Morrisons: Recipes: Wonky Avocado salad

Tomato and avocado salad – SuperValu, Ireland
Tomato and Avocado Salad – SuperValu

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