During the Coronavirus pandemic, many people will have been Googling like crazy, trying to find information on ways to boost their immune system.

No need to Google anymore. This book, The 21 Day Immunity Plan by cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra (author of The Pioppi Diet) will show you how to improve your metabolic health and immune system, with food, relaxation and exercise.

It’s clear and concise and although it includes information from clinical studies, it won’t bamboozle you with science.

The 21 Day Immunity Plan aims to get you to stage an intervention on yourself and improve your health. It’s a plan for better health not a diet. No need to count calories, carbs, kilojoules, syns, units or points. Dr Malhotra suggests following the plan at least 80% of the time, but to steer clear of ultra-processed foods completely.

BUY The 21-Day Immunity Plan Dr Aseem Malhotra (Yellow Kite Books) ISBN 978-1-529-34967-2
Definitely worth it.

And here’s Dr Frank Lipman MD talking about immunity back in 2019
Foods and Spices to Strengthen Your Immunity This Winter – Frank Lipman MD (

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