Covid-19 has killed many people who are obese or had underlying health conditions. This has led to a discussion on Real Food vs Processed Food.

It seemed timely, to post Professor Robert Lustig’s lecture at Stanford University, back in 2015.

Professor Lustig defines procedded food and shows that 90% of American food is delivered by just ten companies.

He highlights the imbalanced makeup of processed foods. One study showed that in 4000 processed foods sampled, 50% had too much salt, according to US health recommendations. Another study showed that 74% of the 600,000 items in the American food supply had added sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sugar is added to processed food, o ‘drown’ the negative tastes of other ingredients. Sugar is addictive and makes consumers repeat customers.

For those on a low carb or keto diet, the less sugar we eat, the better our taste buds work, to pick up added sugar. Canned tomato soup, most salad dressings, HP sauce, tomato ketchup – all supposedly savoury products, contain sugar or a variant of sugar or fructose.

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