So here’s a small delivery from Waitrose Waitrose & Partners as a few things were out of stock. Two bags of frozen diced non-organic celeriac also went straight in the freezer.

Far left, are two cans of organic chick peas, because we’re going to try to make a lower carb version. Hence buying a falafel scoop from FOODIE FIND: PERSEPOLIS, PECKHAM

We used to buy Good Life Falafel Falafel – Goodlife from Iceland or Sainsbury’s 14.1g carbs per 100g or 2.7g per falafel and great for lunchboxes. Haven’t been able to get them from either store in 2021.

On top of the chickpeas is a box of whole nutmeg, because we had run out. We have a proper nutmeg grater, picked up in a Modelo supermarket in Albufeira, Portugal.

Next to the chick peas are a couple of jars of Aberdeen Angus beef dripping. ASDA Extra Special Dripping is just as good, but appears to be unavailable at present (20/09/20). Great for fried eggs and roast potatoes for non-low carbers.

Non-organic British ox tongue (4 slices) is on special offer until 29/12/20, 2 for £5. The tongue slices do contain chemicals, but we eat them rarely, preferring prosciutto (Parma ham) without additives. FOODIE FIND: PROSCIUTTO PARMA HAM

Goose fat, as an alternative to dripping. Assuming we get Christmas, supermarkets will have reductions on goose fat and duck fat in January.

Cottage cheese and double (heavy) cream, both organic plus a couple of bags of organic Mozzarella, also on offer.

Onto the meat and poultry.. a pack of organic British lamb loin chops for £8.22 (18.99/kg) plus two packs of organic British beef mince, on a twofer offer (2 x 400g packs for £7). The large piece of meat is an organic British half leg of lamb for £13. Last item is a pack of four free range organic British chicken thighs, 530g for 4.66

Just a top up shop, without veg, fruit and milk as they had been delivered a few days ago. Missing meat brought the total down to just over £54 from minimum order of £60.

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