Stockpiling is back
Supermarket slots ‘booking up fast’ amid fears of second lockdown (

Dr Roshan Sanghani talks to Diet Doctor about tackling India’s diabetes epidemic Dr. Roshani Sanghani: Tackling India’s Diabetes Epidemic – Diet Doctor

If you’ve ever wondered whether the Duchess of Cambridge uses supermarkets, read this Kate Middleton’s shockingly normal shopping habits revealed | HELLO! (

Carbohydrate restriction improves metabolic syndrome independent of weightloss Dietary carbohydrate restriction improves metabolic syndrome independent of weight loss (

How is asparagus grown ? How is our Asparagus Grown? | Watts Farms

Chefs transforming school dinners
The restaurant chefs transforming school meals | School meals | The Guardian

How to get rid of fruit flies
How to get rid of fruit flies | Metro News

ICYMI – Eight reasons to try Low Carb for mental health – Psychology Today
8 Reasons to Try Low-Carb for Mental Health | Psychology Today

Dites adieu au sucre avec le regime Low Carb – Marie-Claire
Low Carb : un régime sans sucre… et sans énergie – Marie Claire

Have you tried retired dairy beef – Riverford Wicked Leeks
Sirloin, rib-eye or retired? | Wicked Leeks (

Diabetes drug Metformin, reverses inflammation
Common diabetes drug reverses inflammation in | EurekAlert!
Common diabetes drug controls aspects of inflammation in mice (

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