Tartex is a well-known vegetarian brand, belonging to German company, Allos Hof-Manufaktur, a certified B Corporation. Tartex has been making vegetarian products for eighty years. More information on the company, is available at Tartex For many vegetarians, Tartex vegetarian spreads are a staple, for toast, sandwiches, crackers and as a dip ingredient.

Tartex organic vegetarian herb pate 200g is EU-certified organic and approved by The Vegetarian Society UK. The pate is both gluten and palm oil free, with no added sugar or sweeteners.

Is it low carb ? The entire 200g tube contains 17g carbs ie 8.5g carbs per 100g of which 0.5g is sugar. It’s unlikely that a whole tube would be eaten by one person during one meal. Tartex organic vegetarian herb pate is unexpectedly high in fat, which is a bonus. 20g fat per 100g, of which saturates are 13.7g. Low in protein at 3.8g per 100g. Salt level isn’t good, at 1.5g per 100g. Allergens are fructose (naturally occurring), yeast and umbelliferae (parsley).

Ingredients: water, organic nutritional yeast, organic coconut oil, organic potato starch (probably used as a thickener), organic leek, organic sunflower oil (not great but at least it’s organic), organic herbs 3% (of which 1.8% are organic chives and 1.2% organic parsley), sea salt, organic tomato puree and organic yeast extract.

Tartex has a range of tube and jar vegetarian spreads. No additives, but some contain agave syrup, locust bean gum or vegetable protein from sunflower seeds.

Tartex doesn’t give any information for stockists. This tube was purchased for £2.49 with free delivery, from Amazon Prime in UK. Holland and Barrett no longer sells Tartex, but it’s easily found online and may be available in independent health food stores.

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