The book-buying hasn’t stopped, during the pandemic. From Oxfam, from eBay and Amazon UK. Books have arrived from all over the UK, from France, Germany and the USA. Not experienced any extra taxes yet, but books are VAT-free in UK.

At one book a week, it will take over a year to review the outstanding pile.

Photo by Theroigne S B G Russell

Managed to grab a load of Atkins books, so there will be a series of posts on the blog.

The Boston Police Diet is a book (and low carb diet) which we hadn’t encountered before, written by Dr Sam S. Berman MD and published in 1972.

Beyond Atkins written by Dr Douglas J. Markham MD and published in 2005 has been added to the pile. We sneak previewed the Mediterranean-style recipe in the photo and it needs tweaks.

The Montignac Diet (2005), Montignac Recipes and Menus (1994) and Eat Yourself Slim… and Stay Slim ! (1999) all by Michel Montignac, will be reviewed.

Photo by Theroigne S B G Russell

This is the ultimate sinful low carb chocolate cake, from one of the Montignac books.

The books reviewed aren’t all vintage books, but we want to show that the low carb way of eating was feasible for ordinary people, way before Messrs Taubes, Lustig, Westman, Noakes, DeLauer, Parrish and even Atkins. Low carb goes back to Banting and Brillat-Savarin, but we’re interested in expanding y/our recipe repertoire. We may chuck in a bit of history, here and there.

During Lockdown, people sat around the kitchen or dining table to eat as a family, way more often. Many people took the opportunity on furlough, to learn to cook. Others took up exercise and healthy eating in a big way and some became couch potatoes, stuffing crisps in front of soaps or games.

There are many reasons to give low carb a try but no-one will keep at it, if they feel that the food is boring, repetitive and too restrictive. That’s why it feels important to us, to show that low carb recipes can be found in ordinary cook books too, for example THE DAIRY BOOK OF HOME COOKERY from Sonia Allison, which has been reprinted many many times over the last fifty years.

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