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The Cookbook of the United States Navy from the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts as NAVSANDA Publication No 7 (revised 1945) was published by the United States Government Printing Office, in Washington in 1945.

Thanks to San Francisco Maritime National Parks Association, the book is fully digitized and can be read below
The Cookbook of the United States Navy (

The book is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it’s social history, as a record of food consumed by USN sailors in the last year of the Second World War. It may not reflect what American civilians were eating at the time. Secondly, it’s an interesting challenge, to try to recreate some of the many low carb recipes, while shrinking the quantities – unless you will be called on to cater for 100 people.

The Cookbook of the USN – INDEX

Buttered fresh asparagus and buttered green beans p285 plus variations -Asparagus Hollandaise and Southern-style green beans minus the cornbread.
Avocado and lettuce salad p221
Shirred eggs and shirred eggs with bacon p78
Savory green beans p 287 omit the sugar
Pot roast of beef( braised beef) p123 plus variations – beef à la mode, braised beef with vegetables, spiced beef pot roast and Yankee beef pot roast
Griddle-broiled beefburgers p136 plus variations oven-baked beefburgers or lamburgers
Spanish-style beef p122
Simmered beef p126
Beef fricassée p130
Meat sauce for spaghetti p141 use courgetti or konjac noodles instead of spaghetti
Griddled-broiled Salisbury Steaks p138
Buttered broccoli and buttered Brussels sprouts p295
Buttered cabbage and simmered cabbage p296
Dixie Relish p235
Buttered cauliflower p299
Shrimp and celery salad p231
Carrot and celery salad and Cardinal salad p222
Buttered peas and celery p312
Buttered rutabagas (Swedish turnips or swedes) p329
Buttered celery p298
Boiled or steamed Finnan haddie p101
Baked fillet of flounder p96
Pan-fried lamb chops p158
Buttered onions and fried onions p308
Turnips with bacon p330

These are just some of the recipes. The basic butter perk up for vegetables is great for low carbers. Certainly worth perusing.

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