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Poundland is rolling out a delivery service so keep checking your postcode on the website Home page (


Pink Rock Salt Grinder 375g £1

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Dolmio Classic Tomato Sauce 450g 50p at 50p, usually cheaper than home-made
Napolina Chopped Tomatoes 4 Pack£2 not organic but decent brand, so a deal worth having

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Napolina Virgin Oil 500ml £2 same size and price so choose Virgin if available
Napolina Olive Oil 500ml £2

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Staveleys Eggs 12 Pack £1 not organic or free range but 12 eggs for £1 is really cheep (sorry)
Peperami Minis 5x10g £1 not clean but a very cheap portable portable snack
Princes Corned Beef 340g £2 B&M currently on sale 1p cheaper, but the Poundland price would normally save 49p on B&M price

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John West Tuna In Spring Water 145g £1 however, a four pack is just £3 at B&M
John West Tuna Chunks in Spring Water B&M 4pk £3
John West Wild Pacific Salmon 213g £2 saves 1.39 on B&M price

Poundland will often have food in-store, which isn’t advertised on the website. A possible reason might be that it’s available in relatively small amounts. Do compare prices on canned fish if you’re planning to stock up as prices can differ wildly (see above).

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