Dr Robert C Atkins’ low carbohydrate diet is the most widely known low carb in the world, so it is essential to include an overview and reviews of the many books produced. It is an ongoing process, gathering these books. of which there have been several editions.

Visiting Dr Atkins’ clinic inspired Dr Eric Westman MD MHS to get into obesity medicine. Dr Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University and Director, Duke Keto Medicine Clinic. Dr Westman has written and co-written several books, one of which was The New Atkins For A New You in 2010.

ATKINS FOR LIFE LOW CARB COOK BOOK was the first Atkins Diet book to be reviewed here and was in fact, written by Veronica Atkins.

Here then, is a miscellany of Atkins Diet-related links and videos as a taster of the Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet: Phases, Weight Loss, and Side Effects (insider.com) June 2021
Atkins diet: The low down on the controversial high protein eating plan (goodto.com) May 2020

Atkins Comprehensive Carb Counter (lowcarbmegastore.com)


In July 2019, Rob Lowe appeared on The Dr Oz Show with Dr Mehmet Oz, talking about the Atkins Diet. ROB LOWE TALKS LOW CARB TO DR OZ (VIDEO)

Atkins Australia ad on YouTube, August 2018

Que vaut le régime Atkins ? – Marie Claire 2016 in French

In August 2016, Colette Heimowitz MSc, a VP at Atkins Nutritionals and a long-term colleague of Dr Robert C Atkins, spoke at Low Carb Vail.

A closer look at the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, including side effects and concerns (thenationalnews.com) October 2016

Atkins Australia animation. February 2014

Sharon Osbourne interviewed on ABC News about Atkins, January 2013.

Low Carb Diet Program and Weight Loss Plan | Atkins US website
Programme de perte de poids et régime faible en glucides Atkins Canada in French
Atkins UK Food List.pdf
What is the Atkins diet? – BBC Good Food
Modified Atkins Diet | Epilepsy Foundation
Atkins Diet: What’s behind the claims? – Mayo Clinic

The Biography Cannel’s documentary on Dr Robert C Atkins MD and below, the man himself, talking to Larry King in 2003.

Dr Robert C Atkins MD lecturing at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2000

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