Guy Singh-Watson is a Foodie hero, no question about it. He started converting the family farm in Devon to organic in the 1980s and came up with the idea of an organic box scheme.

In 2018, Guy Singh-Watson gave 76% of Riverford, to an employee-owned trust.

UK’s organic vegetable delivery firms ‘flat out’ amid coronavirus crisis | Food & drink industry | The Guardian Riverford was a lifesaver for us during the early days of the pandemic, with eggs, milk, cream and a lot of vegetables

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

Riverford downsized their offering, in order to concentrate on core products. Currently only Hummus 180g 2.70, Smoked hummus 180g £3 and Beetroot hummus 180g 3.15 are back and we are unable to buy their piccalilli

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

Abel & Cole had Caws Cenarth cheddar with leeks 200g on sale and sold out. Riverford is 25p cheaper than Abel & Cole’s normal price.

Runner beans 400g 2.40 from Wiltshire, are more expensive than those of Abel & Cole, but we believe that the Riverford beans are better. We slice them and use them as a bed for Bolognese. Or simply serve as a side veg with plenty of butter.

Smoked hummus 180g / Riverford £3 is organic, the nearest to home-made you can find and 8.8g carbs per 100g. Spread on sliced cheese and roll up, use as a dip with carrot batons and celery or in a sandwich with low carb bread or just spread on low carb crackers. Really authentic taste.

Green’s mature cheddar 250g / Riverford is an organic farmhouse Cheddar made in Somerset by the Green family. Costs 2.95 at Riverford, 3.25 at Abel & Cole.

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

Organic free-range eggs 6 pack / Riverford 2.65 for 6 mixed weight eggs. These are Riverford’s own eggs, from a farm in Hampshire. No bigger size available yet. Lovely eggs. Abel & Cole switched to organic supermarket egg supplier, Stonegate during the pandemic.

If you don’t buy a lot of milk, Whole milk 1l / Riverford 1.20 per litre, same price as Abel & Cole. No bigger sizes available yet. 4.5g carbs per 100ml.

To save money, it’s better to buy organic carrots, onions, red onions, spring (salad) onions, bell peppers, celery and cherry tomatoes from supermarkets.

When it comes to pork mince, we buy Pork mince 400g / Riverford which is 5.15 and comes from Helen Browning’s organic farm in Wiltshire. Yes, the Daylesford Farm pork mince is cheaper at 4.95 but we prefer pork from a proper pig farmer. Daylesford is run by Lady Bamford, wife of the arch-Leaver JCB boss. Allegedly, she also gave the subPrime Minister £27,000 of free organic food. Butler ‘smuggled £27,000 of organic food into Downing Street for Boris’ Metro News

Chicken stock carcasses 1kg / Riverford and if you’re lucky, you will get three organic chicken carcasses for £3. Abel & Cole sells a max of two carcasses for 2.79 Chicken carcasses can be made into stock or soup or cooked in a slow cooker, as a casserole.

Sold out right now (11/09/21) probably because a 990g organic half shoulder of lamb for £15 is a pretty decent price Lamb half shoulder 990g / Riverford However, if you want your organic lamb half shoulder boned and rolled, Abel & Cole has a 1kg joint from Eversfield Organic for 19.50

Lamb mince 400g / Riverford from Riverford’s own butchery, for 5.70. This is 1.55 cheaper than the lamb mince from Everfield, for same weight, at Abel & Cole.

Beef mince 400g / Riverford from organic farms in Devon, prepared at the Riverford butchery. 1.05 cheaper than the Eversfield Organic mince at Abel & Cole. Even though Abel & Cole has a 700g pack from Eversfield, this still doesn’t beat the 1.13 per 100g price at Riverford.

We buy quite a bit of mince because it’s versatile. We can make our own burgers with a burger press. We use it to make meatballs and koftas as well. Mince is a key ingredient in low carb versions of Bolognese, moussaka, lasagne, cottage and shepherd’s pies and some curries.

Beef rib eye steaks 380g / Riverford 2 steaks for 13.25 and we’ve tried rib eyes from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Abel & Cole and Coombe Farm and not bettered these.

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