The Sainsbury Book of Slimming by Rhona Newman was published for J Sainsbury plc in 1980 by Cathay Books and was reprinted several times. The author wrote books on slimming, French cookery, meals for two and seemed to specialise in books for supermarkets and mass market cookbooks eg Cookery Library.

The book cost 99p in 1984 and provided 100 recipes. The recipes sometimes use skimmed milk powder and water, as seen in CUISINE MINCEUR and other recipes call for skimmed milk and margarine. It specifies low calorie salad dressing, low fat yogurt and liquid sweetener as well.

The recipes are designed to be cooked for family meals and there’s nothing particularly exotic, besides a recipe using turbot. The whole ethos of the book is low calorie, low fat.

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By omitting sugar, sugar substitutes and liquid sweeteners and using whole milk and full-fat yogurt, low carbers should be able to tweak around 30 recipes out of 100 ie tomato and carrot soup, Bortsch, mushroom scallops, haddock and egg mousse, piquant dip, quick sardine pâté, leeks à la Grecque, baked cod medley, Mediterranean salad platter, turbot and prawn Creole, smoked haddock with vegetables, chicken with aubergines and courgettes, paprika lamb, mushroom-stuffed breast of lamb, meatballs in tomato sauce, kebabs (dirty low carb), Hungarian veal, cauliflower cheese bake, Stilton eggs, cheese and ham wheel, Spanish eggs, courgettes with tomatoes, chicory with lemon sauce, beans (runner) with tomato sauce, vegetable casserole, stuffed tomatoes, peppers à Provence, spinach and yogurt, Turkish cucumber salad, mixed vegetable salad and finally, tomato dressing.

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There are probably quite a few copies of this book lurking on bookshelves, at boot fairs and on eBay. It should be easy to find for cheap.

Unless any of the recipes pique your interest, suggest giving it a miss, however !

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