Not much is known about Dorothy Daisy Cottington Taylor née Gale. She was Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute for some years and died in March 1944. There’s a photographic portrait of her at the National Portrait Gallery and a few of her books on baking are in the National Trust Collection.

National Cookery Book isn’t listed amongst her cookery books anywhere. It was published by the National Manufacturers’ Coupon Association pre-WW2 on cheap paper and it’s pretty austere. No illustrations, just black & white ads.

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

Although not sponsored by millers, this book contains flour in pretty much every recipe. There are however, a few lower carb recipes.

Soused mackerel, steamed kipper with mustard butter, baked hake with tomatoes and bacon in the fish recipes.

Poached eggs on spinach, egg salad, ham soufflé, plain savoury omelette in egg coookery.

Besides egg salad, Surprise salad, tomato salad, beef salad, radish salad, sardine salad, plus mayonnaise sauce (2), French dressing, salad sauce.

In sauces, besides two versions of mayonnaise sauce and salad sauce – tartare sauce, tomato sauce, black butter sauce, Maître d’hotel sauce.

Just one vegetable dish – buttered turnips and swedes.

Two recipes which would be nigh on impossible to make now – collared pig’s head and brawn.

Steamed kipper with mustard butter, the flourless ham soufflé and buttered turnips and swedes are the only recipes which might be worth trying.

VERDICT: Not worth buying, but if you have one you might get a few pounds for it on eBay

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