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Darren McGrady was a chef to various members of the British Royal family, for eleven years and is a character in the movie ‘ Spencer ‘ starring Kirsten Stewart as the Princess of Wales.

Darren now lives in Texas and has his own catering company in Dallas, Eating Royally. Dallas Catering | Corporate & Private Catering | Fine Dining Catering (eatingroyally.com)

Darren McGrady’s website is The Royal Chef Chef Darren McGrady | The Royal Chef | Personal Chef to the Queen which has cookbooks and merchandise.

The former Royal chef has a YouTube channel and often demonstrates dishes which he has cooked for the Royal family.

In 2020, Darren showed YouTube viewers how he made his Drambuie Chocolate Mousse. This is easily converted to low carb, by choosing a high cocoa % dark chocolate. The only sugar comes from the sugar in the chocolate. There’s no other added sugar or sweetener. Heavy cream = double cream.

The recipe uses 6oz dark chocolate, 10 fl oz double (heavy) cream, 5 egg yolks, 5 egg whites, 1 tsp instant coffee 2 TBSP Drambuie or other whisky, 1 TBSP boiling water. Once made, it should be refrigerated for three hours.

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