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ALDI IN 2022

So we kick off in December 2021, with Bobby Parrish at an Aldi in Florida, choosing his top 10 finds for 2022

In the first week of 2022, Low Carb Ty visited Aldi and Publix, looking for lazy keto products.

Low Carb Ty was back again the following week at Aldi and Publix, for more lazy keto.

In January 2022, Dr Melissa Gallagher raided Aldi and picked up over thirty keto items,

Thomas DeLauer, the celebrity fitness coach, visited a Californian Aldi, to try to find keto items under $5 each.

Bobby Parrish hit Aldi in January 2022, to seek out the best new keto products.

Beth of Beth’s Keto Kitchen, was also on the hunt at Aldi, looking for dirty keto items on a budget.

Keto Simple was also on the hunt at Aldi in January 2022

WholeNewHeather took herself to Aldi and Walmart in February 2022

In February 2022, Bobby Parrish was back at an Aldi in Florida, showing shppers the besto keto, paleo, organic, gluten free, low carb and organic products in store.

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