We were alerted to Fatt ketogenic nut bars, by friend of the website, Ian Gee, who began eating them as snacks, while on the Natural Ketosis Company’s diet plan. (Review coming soon ! )

The bars have NO added sugar or sweeteners and come in several flavours – apple and cinnamon, caramel and seasalt, coconut and macadamia, coffee and walnut and raspberry and almond.

Photo by Ian Gee

Carb counts are low, either 2g or 3g and all of the bars are high in fibre.

Photo by Ian Gee

Seen above is the new style packaging, which is certainly more colourful.

Photo by Ian Gee

Currently (23/02/22) Apple and Cinnamon flavour FattBars in the old style packaging seen above, are £1.00 each, when purchased direct from Live Fatt

Fatt bars are sold direct with free shipping. You can also buy them from the UK’s first organic supermarket Planet Organic but both these are shipped by Royal Mail. If you’re an Amazon Prime member in the UK, you can get free next day delivery.

Live Fatt and Amazon sell the bars in packs, so that you can mix and match and if you wish, set up a regular order.

VERDICT: It’s a BUY from us ! (Unless you have a nut allergy)

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