More grocery hauls..

Kathleen Hart, a weight loss and mindset coach in the USA, dashed into Walmart, the day before Christmas Eve 2021, to pick up a low carb freezer grocery haul.

Stephanie (Little Blessed Nest) visited a neighbourhood Walmart on New Year’s Eve 2021 in Kentucky.

Celebrity fitness coach, Thomas DeLauer was back in Walmart on the first day of 2022, attempting (despite California prices) to find keto items with a budget of just $25 !

All Things Elyse is on a pre-wedding diet and hit Walmart in January 2022 for a huge keto grocery haul.

Dyshell Davis visited Walmart mid- January and picked up things which she believes would be suitable for low carb beginners.

Frugal Fit Mom visited Albertsons and Walmart in Idaho, in February 2022. She doesn’t normally eat keto or low carb, but a convo with her friend Jessica, (who does), resulted in the challenge to pick up keto and low carb items on an extremely low budget.

If you’re in the USA, you can check out her merch and get a discount on Built bars.

In With Jen, in Ormond Beach, Florida starts her video with a moan about Walmart. The grocery haul starts at 2:41 and Jen visited Walmart, Target and Winn Dixie.

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