In this time of spiralling inflation and rising food prices, ‘Every Little Helps’.

ASDA as at 24/02/22
* Green & Black’s 85% cocoa dark chocolate bar 100g was £2 per bar, now 2 bars for £3
* Yeo Valley organic whole milk 2 litres was 1.95 each now 2 for £3 NB: Homogenised milk.
* Tarantella organic chopped tomatoes in organic tomato juice 400g was 85p, Rollback price 65p BUY
* Filippo Berio organic Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml was £5 now £4 BUY
* ASDA Extra Special Fairtrade organic Nicaraguan ground coffee 227g was 2.75 now 2 for £5
* Kallo organic lightly salted rice cakes 130g Gluten free, 5.6g carbs per rice cake was 1.29 now £1
* ASDA Grower’s Selection organic blueberries 125g was £2 now 1.59 BUY
* Organix cheese and herb puffs 4 x 15g 10.2g catbs per 15g bag was £2 now 1.50
* ASDA Grower’s Selection organic mixed peppers (2) was 1.65 now 1.55 BUY
* Creative Nature Superfoods organic raw Peruvian cacao powder 200g 2g carbs per 10g was 6.50 now 4.50

* Schar Bonta d’Italia gluten free mini pizza Margherita 280g (4 mini pizzas) FROZEN Contains hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, glucono-delta-lactone, potassium iodide (in salt), dextrose, sunflower oil, maize starch, rice flour, rice starch, yeast, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, lactose-free milk. 22g carbs per mini pizza. Was £3, now 2 for £5. Ingredients not great, but one for the kids pestering for pizza ?
* Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa chocolate bar 100g was 1.79 now 2 bars for £3 BUY
* Kikkoman gluten free tamari soy sauce 250ml 2g carbs per 100ml contains soya was 2.60 now £2
* Propercorn lightly salted popcorn multipack 6 x 10g 5.7g carbs per 10g bag gluten free. Was 1.79 now 3 for 3.50
* Pudliski (Heinz) bolognese sauce 500g 9.4g carbs per 100g contains rapeseed oil, maize starch. Was 1.85 now 1.50
* Moryn Sauerkraut 480g was 1.35 now £1
* John West tuna chunks in spring water 4 x 145g was 3.50 now £3
* John West no drain tuna chunks with a little spring water 3 x 110g was 3.89 now 3.35
* John West no drain tuna steak with a little spring water 110g was £2 now 2 for £3 BUY
* Tabasco original red pepper hot sauce 57ml gluten free, halal, kosher. 1.6g carbs per 100ml was 2.10 now 1.75

No end date given for offers so suggest grabbing anything which appeals.

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