First off, Waitrose & Parters has been making changes to its loyalty card, myWaitrose. These changes have not been popular with older shoppers, as myWaitrose offers can only be accessed with the app and they tend not to use them. Waitrose may return to vouchers.

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell. Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Duchy organic Little Gem lettuce (2) – was 1.60 now 20% off 1.28 to 15/03/22
Duchy organic babyleaf and rocket salad 110g – was £2 now 2 for 3.50 to 22/03/22
Duchy organic British large free range eggs (6) – was 2.80 20% off now 2.24 to 22/03/22
Yeo Valley organic unsalted/salted butter 250g – was 2.25 now 2 for 3.60 to 22/03/22
Yeo Valley organic natural kefir yogurt 350g – was 1.50 now 2 for £2 to 22/03/22 5.4g carbs per 100g
Duchy organic British Class A free range whole chicken typical weight 1.45kg – was 12.25 now now 25% off 9.17 to 22/03/22 BUY
Duchy organic 2 British free range chicken breast fillets typical weight 300g – was 6.85 now 25% off 5.13 estimated to 22/03/22
Duchy organic beef burgers (4) 340g – was 4.45 now 2 for £7 to 22/03/22
Plenish organic unsweetened long life almond drink 1 litre – was 2.60 now 1/3rd off 1.66 to 22/03/22
Mr Organic organic Bolognese pasta sauce 350g – was 2.49 now 25% off 1.85 to 22/03/22. No added sugar, reduced salt, 5.1g carbs per 100g Other varieties on offer also.

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

Waitrose No 1 2 MSC yellowfin tuna steaks 240g – was £9 now 20% off 7.20 to 15/03/22
Waitrose 2 frozen skin on MSC haddock fillets 280g – was £6 now 20% off 4.80 to 22/03/22
Essential Waitrose frozen coley fillets 400g – was 4.25 now 50p off 3.75 to 22/03/22
Waitrose frozen squid rings wild caught 300g – was 5.75 now 20% off 4.60 to 22/03/22 BUY if you like squid. Do your own lower carb breading.
John West wild red salmon 213g – was £4 now 2 for £7 to 22/03/22
Waitrose No1 Prosciutto di Parma 90g – was £5 now 20% off £4 to 22/03/22 Additive free, authentic Prosciutto BUY
Président French butter with sea salt crystals 250g – was 2.50 now 20% off £2 to 22/03/22 BUY It comes in its own recyclable plastic butter dish
Walkers Salt & Shake crisps 6 x 24g bags – was 1.70 now 2 for £3 to 22/03/22 Separate salt sachet in each bag. 12.5g carbs per 24g bag, of which 0.1g sugars. Cheapier but carbier than SNACK FIND ! PROTERMARS CRISPY AIR-DRIED SNACKS but one of the least carby crisp packets for packed lunches. No additives, flavourings or preservatives BUY unless you have a crisp habit.
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Little Bars 6 x 18g bars 108g – was 1.30 now 2 for £2 to 22/03/22 10g carbs per bar, sustainably sourced cocoa. Don’t taste like trad Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars, more like Galaxy. Not suitable for real chocolate lovers but maybe suitable as occasional treat for some people.

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