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Most of Earth’s population will be aware that Vladimie Putin’s Russian armed forces invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, last month, completely unprovoked. Putin is ordering them to commit war crimes, targeting apartment blocks, nuclear power stations, even hospitals.

Ukrainians are often huddled up in shelters, basements, subways and underground car parks, without food, water and heating.

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Rightly or wrongly, so far, NATO has resisted taking action which might escalate the war, beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Ordinary people feel unable to do much to help Ukrainians, beyond donating money. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has raised over £100 million pounds, £80 million of which has come from British citizens, UK residents and British businesses.
Home | Disasters Emergency Committee (

Another aid initiative is #CookForUkraine and you can read about the organisers and donate to their appeal here #CookForUkraine

The Evening Standard launched an appeal on 10 March 2022, with money raised going to DEC Ukraine appeal: Do what you can to bring urgent aid by donating today ( Here’s the gofundme page Fundraiser by Evening Standard . : Evening Standard Ukraine Appeal (

Yegor Lanovenko. a Ukrainian man living in London, has set up a charity, Opora, to help Ukrainian refugees wanting to settle in Czechia and the UK.
Ukrainian man living in London ‘devastated’ for war-torn country as he sends supplies to refugees ( and you can donate to Opora here OPORA

David Beckham, a Global Ambassador for UNICEF since 2005, donated £1m to kickstart the 7:The David Beckham UNICEF Fund Emergency Appeal, which launched on 8th March 2022. Chef Gordon Ramsay talks about it Gordon Ramsay has thrown his support behind David and Victoria Beckham’s UNICEF fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian troops (

Many people feel unable to donate money or would rather donate food and goods. The British government is actively discouraging this. Maybe the aim is to send in pallets of supplies and food from DEC, emblazoned with nationalistic slogans and Union flags, falsely claiming them as donated by the British government.

HMRC (customs and excise) is making it extremely difficult for charities and individuals to take aid for Ukraine to Eastern European countries, demanding the correct forms with codes for each shipment, even though they haven’t sorted the codes out, it seems.

Polish volunteers from Newcastle collecting for Ukraine to ‘pause’ donations – and they need help with haulage (

Paulo Arrigo of Franchi Seeds 1783 ( took aid to Poland with a friend and gave a Ukrainian mother and children a lift to Katowice. Paolo Arrigo takes aid out to and refugees back from Polish-Ukrainian border | Horticulture Week (

Ukraine aid stuck in lorries at Dover thanks to Brexit delays | The Independent

Mossgiel Farm, an organic dairy farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, had one truck impounded
Red tape slows delivery of Scottish donations to Ukraine – BBC News

Brexit is putting obstacles in the way of humanitarian aid for refugees. The British government is NOT leading from the front. Prime Minister Boris Johnson suppressed The Russia Report, claims that there was no electoral interference (despite FBI evidence to the contrary) and elevated the son of a KGB officer, to the House of Lords. His current wife Carrie Johnson (widely known as Carrie Antoinette even in foreign newspapers) was a founding member of the now disbanded Conservative Friends of Russia.

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