Lelord Kordel (1908 – 2001) was born Leon Kordelasinski, in Warsaw, Poland. He emigrated with his parents, to Chicago, where his father worked as a baker.

After studying at the University of Chicago, Kordel returned to Poland, for a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Krakow. After graduation, Lelord Kordel worked as a scientific instructor for a couple of years. He was then employed by renowned Scottish surgeon, Sir William Arbuthnot Lane Bt CB FRCS (1856 – 1943) as a research assistant, for a year.

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Sir William had withdrawn from surgery and private practice in 1924, resigning from the British Medical Association and General Medical Register. At the time, he was earning £10,000 per annum, which, the Bank of England inflation calculator says is the equivalent of £646,881.72 in 2021.

Arbuthnot Lane founded the New Health Society, the first social medicine society in Britain. He believed that diet, exercise, sunshine and three bowel movements per day, were key, for good health. He believed that a good diet could prevent cancer. Sir William had been regarded as an eminent surgeon, but his New Health Society had him seen as a crank. In the United States, his associates included the founders of the Mayo Clinic.

Influenced by Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, Lelord Kordel returned to the USA in the early Thirties and founded the California Nutrition Clinic in the Los Angeles district of Beverly Hills.

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Gayelord Hauser (1895-1984) had emigrated to Chicago from Germany in 1911 and lived in Milwaukee and Chicago before founding his own clinic in California. It’s likely that Kordel and Hauser knew each other because of Chicago and Beverly Hills, where Hauser lived for thirty years. Kordel had celebrity clients including film stars Raquel Welch, Hungarian-born Zsa Zsa Gabor (later, the wife of Frédéric, Prinz von Anhalt) and her sister, Eva. Both men advised actress Gloria Swanson.


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During World War Two, Lelord Kordel was involved in the nutrition programme ‘Food and Nutrition for Victory’ and is alleged to have won awards.

In 1946, Kordel wrote the first of nineteen books, Health The Easy Way. In the same year, he was convicted of misbranding dietary supplements and fined $4000. One herbal tablet was supposed to give ‘pleasing laughter’ and ‘gracefully curved hips’. Obviously these claims are ludicrous.

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Kordel claimed that foods containing vitamin E were good for sexual organs, but a study published in 2013 discounts this. Effect of vitamin E on human sexual functioning – PubMed (

By 1949, Lelord Kordel was President of Detroit Vital Foods Inc and had founded Kordel’s Nutritionals.

In 1957, Kordel and his company were in dispute with the Federal Trade Commission over misleading products and with the Food and Drug Administration also, in 1961. Ultimately, after appeals had been exhausted, Kordel was jailed for a year in 1971 and fined $10,000

The fundamental problem for all supplements, is that the presence of a vitamin or mineral in a plant source, doesn’t guarantee that a mix of those nutrients in tablet form, will benefit those taking them, at all. Maybe there are some placebo effects, maybe there are some positive effects, but unless properly conducted studies prove it, it’s very difficult for the manufacturers to claim health benefits.

Kordel Nutritionals morphed into Kordel’s at some point. Based in Singapore, it also exports to Malaysia.
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Kordel’s – Healthy Lifestyle & Balanced Nutrition (
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IF you choose to take any kind of supplement, please please do your research before purchasing. You will need to find out if they are contraindicated with any allopathic and/or homeopathic medications which you are taking.

If you have any allergic reactions or food intolerances, please make sure that the supplements contain nothing which will do you harm.

It’s advisable to inform your doctor that you want to take the supplement, so that it can be added to your medical records. If your doctor immediately brushes you off, you could consult a pharmacist. In the UK, pharmacists have degrees which make them more of an expert on drugs, than the average GP (family doctor). Make sure that you talk to the pharmacist though, not a shop assistant.

Maison Keto is not advocating that anyone reading this blog post, takes any of these supplements. We’re just gathering the information and putting it in front of you. It’s your life, your health, your body and YOU should be the ultimate arbiter of your health.

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Lelord Kordel was seen as a crank, but with a PhD in biochemistry and a year spent with Sir William Arbuthnot Lane as a research assistant, it’s likely that he had a firm grounding in nutrition.

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Across the years, doctors and nutitionists have succumbered to the lure of monetary gain. Maison Keto has already reviewed THE SLIMMER’S COOK BOOK from Professor Yudkin, THE 21 DAY IMMUNITY PLAN from Dr Aseem Malhotra, THE NEW KETO-FRIENDLY SOUTH BEACH DIET from Dr Arthur Agatston and EAT FAT AND GROW SLIM from Dr Richard Mackarness.

Lectures gave way to radio and TV shows, book serialisations in newspapers and resident expert status on breakfast TV.

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Gayelord Hauser and Lelord Kordel were prosecuted in the USA and Dr Pierre Dukan was pressured to give up medical practice in France. In his case, it wasn’t for misleading punters, but for creating a diet in the first place.

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In the UK and USA, doctors and nutritionists have to be very careful to stick to the rules of their professional bodies.

Dr Lelord Kordel PhD, was a big believer in low carbohydrate high protein diets. He was against refined carbs such as white sugar and white flour and the humble spud. We will be reviewing the British edition of Cook Right – Live Longer very soon.

Kordel states: ” If you want to live longer – and to keep the body in good working order – you must eat more of the foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, Foods like meat, fish, eggs, fruits, salads and lightly cooked vegetables. And you must eat less of the high starch foods – ike bread, cakes, excess sugars, candies etc. They may tickle and appease the appetite – but give your body nothing for needed repairs ”

It seems that Lelord Kordel is wiling to quote many eminent people – when they agree with him eg Dr Edward L Bortz, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Dr Agnes Fay Morgan (University of California), Dr Haven Emerson (University of Columbia), United States National Safety Council, Dr Oluf Martensen – Larsen, Dr Arnold Lorand, Professor Dr E Koch, Dr G N W Thomas, The Swiss Bee Journal, Professor E V McCollum (Johns Hopkins University), Dr Harvey Wiley (USDA Bureau of Foods), Dr H M Sinclair (Oxford University), Elie Metchnikoff, Dr F G Banting, Edward R Hewitt, Dr Michael M Miller (St Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington DC), Dr Oscar A Strauss, Dr George Morris Piersol, Dr Henry C Sherman (Columbia Uniersity), Dr Tom Spies, Dr W Coda Martin and Dr E J Steiglitz.

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There aren’t any recipes in Eat Right and Live Longer but there are recommendations for vegetables and for daily protein, an ABC of Fattening Foods and various guidelines for healthy eating, which wouldn’t seem at all cranky to low carbers.

BUY as a companion to Cook Right- Live Longer and for the cute little cartoons. There’s quite a lot of information in the paperback.

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