Capri-Sun (Capri-Sonne in some markets) was introduced to the world way back in 1969. It’s a juice drink, which has only ever been available in pouch form, with an attached straw.

In this French ad, the straws at the end of the video have assorted shapes and are plastic.

In the UK, the straws are made of paper and are recyclable. The UK website gives instructions for use. Capri-Sun UK | Home | Refreshing Fruit Juice Drinks

At the moment, neither the pouch itself or the plastic which the straw is encased in, are recyclable. After drinking the Capri-Sun, the consumer is left with three pieces to dispose of, only one of which is recyclable. So that’s the downside. The upside, is that pouches are light and easy to transport, without danger of causing an injury.

If the pouch is cut across the top with scissors, the Capri-Sun could be poured into ice cube trays/bags or ice lolly moulds.

It seems that in the UK, the target market is young children and their mothers. According to the UK website, Capri-Sun has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The version which we bought, was the Capri-Sun Tropical, which is water with 10% fruit juice from concentrates (4% lemon, 3.5% orange, 1% apple, 1% pineapple, 0.5% passion fruit) plus sugar, natural flavourings, sweetener (steviol glycosides aka Stevia) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as an antioxidant. During manufacture, the juice drink is heated to 80C, much like the pasteurisation of milk. This means that no preservatives are needed.

Our focus on natural ingredients | Capri-Sun

Capri-Sun is allergen free, lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

The Capri-Sun pouches were bought from Iceland, as a multipack. Normally 2.75 GBP for 8 x 200ml pouches, we bought them on offer for two boxes of 8 pouches for 4.00 GBP, lowering the price to 25p per pouch.

Capri-Sun Tropical 8 x 200ml | Iceland Foods

If you’re on a keto diet with a very low daily carb allowance, the Capri-Sun Tropical juice drink pouches aren’t suitable, at 8.8g carbs per pouch. But if you are allowing yourself say 50g of carbs per day, then one pouch isn’t going to harm.

At 25p per pouch, without artificial ingredients, these juice drinks could be a winner for many. They aren’t plastered with cartoons, so they can be drunk by adults without embarrassment.

For comparison, here’s the review of Hipp organic fruit juice drinks.

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