We used to buy GoodLife falafel from Iceland, but they stopped selling them.

However, recently we found them in Sainsbury’s
Goodlife Falafel with Chickpea, Cumin & Coriander x14 280g | Sainsbury’s (

Sainsbury’s now seems to be the only supermarket selling them, in the UK, according to the supermarket prices comparison website

Falafel – Goodlife

On 20 April 2022, the BBC reprorted that GoodLife was moving production from Newark,, Nottinghamshire to the European Union. GoodLife has a plant at Breda, in TheNetherlands.
Goodlife Foods: More than 100 jobs to go in Newark factory closure – BBC News

Photo by Théroigne S B G Russell

The falafels are free from artificial colours, flavourings, additives and preservatives. They are gluten free and approved by The Vegetarian Society.

Ingredients – 69% chickpea, 18% onion, rapeseed oil, 3% parsley, salt, cumin powder, coriander powder, 0.3% concentrated lemon juice, black pepper, chilli powder.

Each falafel has 2g fat, 2.7g carbs (of which 0.6g is sugar), 2.4g fibre, 1.5g protein and 0.21g salt.

Printed on the back of the box was the statement: ‘This pack contains approximately 14 servings.’ We counted the falafels and found a total of thirteen. Even if there had been fourteen falafels in the box, that would be just one falafel per serving. Yet the photo on the front, clearly shows three falafels in a wrap.

The falafels can be oven-baked or grilled and take 12 – 15 minutes to cook. They are very tasty. While they won’t feed a family, they can be used cooked and cooled, for lunch boxes or perhaps as an accompaniment to soup or as part of a summer garden buffet. Warm Kale, Falafel & Tahini Salad – Goodlife

Rapeseed oil is a downside, but £1.80 per box is a great price.They are frozen, so they can lurk in the freezer until required. If a child brings home a vegan child or a child with allergies for example, they are a good standby.

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