Named today as the UK’s worst supermarket.
Morrisons named the worst UK supermarket for deals over Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Lidl, and Aldi (

I wouldn’t buy fresh fish from Morrisons, as in my experience, it often isn’t. However, pantry items are protected from their environment, by packets, bags, jars and cans.

Pizza Express Caesar Dressing 235ml | Morrisons 1.50 to 17/05/22 saving 50p. Contains 35g fat and 6.7g carbs per 100ml, as well as rapeseed oil, sugar and xanthan gum. Also contains 6% Parmigiano reggiano, olive oil and anchovy paste. Quite tasty, for a bottled dressing.

Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa Dark Supreme Chocolate Bar 100g| Morrisons reduced from £2 to 1.60 until 24/05/22. 14g carbs per bar, of which 6g is sugar. Propr dark chocolate, puts Cadbury’s to shame. BUY

Morrisons Organic Arabica Ground Coffee| Morrisons 227g 2 for £4 until 28/01/2024 Surely worth trying ?

John West Sardines in Olive Oil | Morrisons 120g was £1 now2 for 1.90 to 17/05/22 Per 100g: 23g protein, 14g fat, 0g carbs

Morrisons Responsibly Sourced Tuna Chunks In Spring Water | Morrisons 4 x 145g reduced from 2.89 to 2,75 until 17/07/22 24.9g protein per 100g and zero carbs.

John West Tuna Chunks In Spring Water | Morrisons 4 x 145g was 3.49 now £3 to 17/05/22 27g protein and zero carbs per 100g

Princes Tuna Chunks In Spring Water | Morrisons 4 x 145g was £5 now 2 packs ( 8 cans) for £8 to 17/05/22 Per 100g: 23.5g protein, 0.5g fat <0.1g carbs

John West Immunity Tuna Steak With Spring Water | Morrisons and John West Energy Tuna Steak With Springwater | Morrisons 3 x 110g was £5 now 3.50 to 17/05/22 Per 100g: 28g protein, 0.9g fat, 0.2g carbs of which 0g sugar

Napolina Tomato Passata | Morrisons 690g reduced by 35p to £1 until 17/05/22 4.3g of carbs per 100g of which 4.3g is natural not added, sugar.

Morrisons Walnuts | Morrisons 200g was 2.50 now 2 for £4 to 06/06/22
Per 100g: 68.5g fat, 14.7g protein, 3.5g fibre, 3.3g carbs

Loyd Grossman Tomato & Chilli Pasta Sauce | Morrisons 350g serves 2-3 1.65 or 3 for £3 to 17/05/22 6.9g carbs per 100g

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