Hadn’t heard of Beast Foods before spotting their biltong on the Poundland website for £1.00 . Although ordered just last week, the BBQ flavour appears to be out of stock at Poundland now, with none of the other flavours in stock, either. However, if you use the Poundland store finder, you might get lucky, in stores. Store finder (

The Skinny Food Co had the BBQ and Original flavours of Beast Foods biltong but are out of stock (12/05/22) British Beef Biltong | 48 Calories | Protein 10g – Beast Biltong – theskinnyfoodco

Amazon UK has the Beast Foods Original biltong 24 x 17g box in stock for £32 with free delivery and the three pack Taster Pack (3 x 17g packs; 1 each Original, Chilli, BBQ) for 9.50 with free delivery.

proteinbargainuk on ebay UK, has the 24 x 17g box of Beast Foods Original biltong for 34.99 with free 3 day postage,

Beast Foods will allow you to try a 17g bag of Original or BBQ flavour for free, you just pay handling and postage.
Free Pack! – Beast Biltong (

There’s a Taster Box for 9.50 but without the free delivery. The 35g snack packs are available in Original, BBQ, Chilli and Mixed. The snack packs can be bought in quantities of 12, 20 and 40. Prices range from 24.50 to 59,95. There’s 10% off subscription packs, starting from 34.50 per month.

Postage is dependent on weight and starts from 1.50.

Beast Foods biltongs may be found at Tropicana Wholesale, Protein Bargain Wholesale, One Below and B&M if in stock.

Each 17g bag of the Original flavour biltong contains 0g carbs, 0g fat, 10g protein and 48 calories and is high in vitamin B12. Silverside beef is cured with salt and vinegar, then air-dried.

The BBQ flavour has 0.4g fat, 0.44g carbs (of which sugars are 0.42g), 10.45g protein. Clean ingredients with the exception of potassium sorbate and smoke flavouring.

Taste good, chewy but not hard, Felt like I’d had a proper snack. Good for a pre or post workout snack. Could be used on the go too. Would be great as a late night snack with beer by a campfire. Not suitable for a packed lunch/snack for unsupervised young children, as there’s an oxygen absorber in the bag.

The face on the bags, is that of Eddie Hall, who holds the 500kg deadlift world record Eddie “The Beast” Hall | Worlds Strongest Man | Buy Eddie Hall Merchandise (

If you know Blakemans Sausage Manufacturer Blakemans Sausages manufacturer of sausage and meat products you may be aware that the company has sponsorship links to Eddie Hall and that their 12 inch sausage is named ‘The Beast’ after him.

If you don’t mind potassium sorbate, flavourings and weird oxygen absorbers, on taste alone, I’d say buy if you can get the biltong at a good price.

We are going to try biltong from Susmans, of Newhaven, East Sussex.
Susmans Best Beef Biltong | Biltong Online | Premium Quality

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