This is a real tomato ketchup. made with organic Italian tomatoes. NO added sugar or sweeteners. NO added colourants, flavourings or preservatives. NO malic, lactic or citric acids. NO potassium chloride.

The ingredients for this unsweetened tomato ketchup, the first unsweetened tomato ketchup in the UK are:

Organic Italian tomatoes
Apple cider and balsamic vinegar
Pink Himalayan salt
Spices: Allspice, coriander, cloves, black pepper, cayenne pepper

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Market leader Heinz, has a tomato ketchup which contains 50% less sugar and salt than its standard recipe. No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. It does contain however, both added sugar and the sweetener steviol glycosides. The 50% less sugar and salt Heinz tomato ketchup contains both ‘spice and herb extracts’ and unspecified ‘spice’, as well as the allergen, celery.

Compared to this Heinz tomato ketchup with lower sugar and salt, Hunter Gather unsweetened tomato ketchup has almost 50% fewer carbs per 100g at 6.8g compared to the less sugar less salt Heinz ketchup with 12g carbs of which 11g is sugar.

Heinz claims that a 15g serving of their less sugar and salt ketchup is 1.8g carbs. Hunter Gather says that their unsweetened tomato ketchup has less than 1g carbs per serving.

The Hunter Gather unsweetened tomato ketchup is more expensive than Heinz but we think it’s a better product . A subscription saves 10%. If you make up a subscription bundle or place an order for £20+, postage is free.

We are pleased to be able to put clean, unsweetened tomato ketchup on our cooked breakfasts, home-made burgers and home-made swede and celeriac oven chips. BUY
Unsweetened Classic Ketchup 250g Keto & Low Carb Approved Sauce – Hunter and Gather Foods

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