Until I went to live in Canada, Coke was something I had only experienced as a Coke float with ice cream, in the grill room of a local hotel. But in Canada, Coke and Pepsi are everywhere and in my secondary school, my fellow students guzzled it at every break.

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I didn’t like the full sugar versions of Coke and Pepsi but Diet Pepsi became my go to soda of choice. Back in the UK, I realised that I was addicted. I would struggle to give it up and then one can, or one drink with a cola mixer, and I was hooked again. Even the little mixer cans would do it.

For many years, I figured zero calories so where’s the harm ? I read more about the sweeteners eg aspartame and decided that I didn’t want this in my body.

I went to my doctor, with bad headaches and he told me that I should take some painkillers and persevere. I couldn’t, but my husband found me caffeine free Diet Coke which helped.

Then a tweet by Dr Elie Jarrouge MD of Houston, Texas, changed my life.
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I sat down and thought about the elements I enjoyed in my cola experience. It wasn’t just the taste, but also the psshhtt release of the carbon dioxide, holding a can in my hand and the fizzy sensation in my mouth. So I asked myself, could I take cola and sweeteners out of the equation.

The answer, was canned water. It’s been around in bottles, but Evian and Perrier have now canned their water. Aluminium can be recycled forever, so the cans are removing plastics from our oceans.

On sale to 17/05/22, Sainsbury’s has fridge packs of 10 x 250ml Perrier cans for 3.40, saving 1.10 Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water Fridgepack Cans 10x250ml | Sainsbury’s (

Tesco has the sparkling Evian for 75p per 330ml can and it’s also included in a £3 meal deal to 22/05/22. Evian Sparkling Natural Water 330Ml – Tesco Groceries

Waitrose also has the sparkling Evian, but it’s a new product and not in all stores yet. Evian Sparkling Water | Waitrose & Partners Price is 75p, same as Tesco.

Water specialist Aqua Amore doesn’t stock sparkling Evian, but it does have a pack of 35 x 250ml cans of Perrier for 18.49. Delivery is extra. Buy Perrier Naturally Sparkling Water Can 35 x 250ml (

If you search ebay UK you can get Perrier cans in trays of 35 and multiples of 35 can trays from several sellers, some with free postage. The Evian sparkling canned water is available too, plus variants such as Lime & Ginger, Grapefruit & Basil, Cucumber & Mint and Raspberry & Ginseng.

Amazon sells the 35 can tray of Perrier 250cl for 17.99 plus free next day Prime delivery and multiples of the 35 can trays.

If you sign up to the Radnor Hills newsletter, you get 20% on your first order of their fruit waters and Welsh mineral waters. A tray of 24 x 330ml cans costs 17.89 (without discount) with free delivery Sparkling Mineral Water Can 330ml – Buy Online from Radnor Hills

Radnor Hills has an Amazon store, selling 24 x 330ml cans of the sparkling water with Prime free next day delivery for 14.75. The still Radnor Hills water costs 14.55 for 24 x 330ml cans with free next day Prime delivery.

Another water I’ve noticed, is Loveau. It’s British pure filtered spring water, with between 0.8% and 1.5% fruit juices from concentrates. No calories, carbs, sugar or sweeteners. It does contain ‘natural flavours’, however. You can sign up to the Loveau newsletter and get 20% off your first order. Without discount, the price is 13.95 for 12 x 330ml cans or 11.86 on subscription. Postage is free for orders of 4+ cases. New LOVEAU Sparkling Water – 12 x Real Watermelon – Drink LOVEAU

Loveau has an Amazon store and prices range between 10.79 and 12.59 for 12 x 330ml cans, depending on flavour. Free Amazon Prime delivery as well.

But if you want to try them, Waitrose has three flavours, available in boxes of 4 x 330ml cans per flavour, for 3.25. 12 x 330ml cans ie 3 boxes, would cost 9.75. Until 17/05/22 Waitrose has Loveau 4 x 330ml cans on offer for 2.60 ie 20% off.

LOVEAU Watermelon | Waitrose & Partners
LOVEAU Raspberry, Strawbery & Blueberry | Waitrose & Partners
LOVEAU Yuzu, Lemon & Lime | Waitrose & Partners

Personally, I wouldn’t choose fruit water, but they may be a low carb option for my husband. Certainly, at zero carbs, as opposed to the Capri-Sun pouches REVIEW: CAPRI-SUN TROPICAL although he just picked up a pack of the Blackcurrant flavour for £1, at Poundland.

Evian v Perrier.. ASDA has 1 litre bottles of sparkling Evian for 1.60, so I did get to try it. Evian Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 1L – ASDA Groceries

The fizz does alter the taste. Whereas still Evian is a neutral-tasting mineral water, sparkling Evian tastes more like Perrier. It’s more expensive than Perrier too, although you get more in a can.

Like San Pellegrino, Perrier is a Nestlé brand and the situation re: Russia is unclear. Yes, they’ve stopped investing and advertising in Russia and have pulled KitKat and Nesquik. They were selling “essentials” but we don’t know whether this includes canned Perrier.

I have noticed that Perrier cans bought via Amazon, had Russian writing along the side. Perhaps this means that the cans were due to be exported to Russia, and Nestlé sold them to wholesalers, instead.

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