Ember British Charcuterie Wild Venison 37g is available from Ocado (1.50 on 25/05/22) and Sainsbury’s (£2 on 25/05/22) as well as Amazon UK and direct from Ember Snacks. 10x37g Venison Slices – Ember Snacks

Ingredients: wild British venison, quinoa, wagyu fat, salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder, cherry extract, probiotic culture, sodium nitrate. Made in the UK using 173g of venison for every 100g of finished product.

Harry and Jack Mayhew are sons of Suffolk farmers and they proclaim their mission statement ” to end factory farming “. Ember Snacks is based in a former biscuit factory in South East London and as can be seen from the ingredients, this charcuterie is not squeaky clean.

Despite the presence of sodium nitrate, the venison slices require refrigeration, so a snack for the cool box rather than the pocket. An oxygen absorber sachet makes them unsuitable for unsupervised snacking by small children.

Nutritional info per 37g bag: 4.6g fat, 1.9g carbs, 12g protein, 2g salt.

Second ingredient, quinoa, is there to ” replace bad fats “. It’s not mentioned on the front of the pack at all. The quinoa was visible in the pack we tried, giving it a speckled appearance. If the quinoa is present to replace ” bad fats”, why add wagyu fat to naturally low fat, wild venison ? The cherry extract and probiotic culture aren’t explained either.

Ember Snacks won a Taste award in 2021 and expectation was high for this low carb high protein snack.

Maybe it’s the quinoa, but this just didn’t taste right at first taste. It takes some chewing to release the venison flavour. It’s salty at 2g per 37g bag. With more than five ingredients and a preservative, we felt that this is more of a processed product than the advertising would have you believe.

If you buy/make truly low carb bread, then these wild venison charcuterie slices, might make a good sandwich or roll, alongside piccallili, Branston, mixed pickles or gherkins.

As a snack, we don’t rate this. AVOID.

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