Chef who cooked for the Queen says you’ve been cooking bacon wrong your whole life (msn.com)

Milk & More has a new fruit & veg box. A kilo of Isle of Wight organic heritage tomatoes, in a variety of colours and sizes, for £6.50. Having had Isle of Wight tomatoes, we’ve put these on regular order. BUY
Organic Isle of Wight Heritage Tomatoes | Fresh | Milk & More (milkandmore.co.uk)

A celebration of celeriac recipe – Raymond Blanc OBE

If you’re a fan of The Real Olive Company, you will now find their range at Sainsbury’s, 5p per tub cheaper than Abel & Cole. Currently (19/06/22) Abel & Cole has them on offer at 2.84 per tub, however. Abel & Cole minimum total order is £15, delivery 1.99

Graham’s organic pasteurised unhomogenised whole milk, from Scotland, is now available in a half litre tetrapak for 70p, at Sainsbury’s, making it 20p cheaper than the half litre Abel & Cole organic pasteurised unhomogenised whole milk from Berkeley Farm Dairy and 25p cheaper than the 568ml/1pint Waitrose & Partners Duchy Organic organic pasteurised unhomogenised whole milk from the West Country. The price differential is currently saving us £1 per week. However milk prices are rising rapidly.

Lamb belly with English asparagus and wild garlic recipe – BBC Food Sub turnips for potatoes and don’t use rapeseed oil !

Les 2 Vaches Bio Crème Dessert Chocolat Crème Dessert bio chocolat – Les 2 Vaches are available from French Click FOODIE FIND: FRENCH CLICK
French Click – Les 2 Vaches BIO Cremes Dessert Chocolat 4x95g 2.22 per pack ie 55p per dessert. No additives or preservatives. 19.7g carbs per 95g pot which is high, but these should be limited to very special occasions only. 117mg calcium (14% of RI)

Wild garlic pesto recipe – BBC Food just don’t use rapeseed oil !

Nutrition Network Announces Medical Textbook in Partnership with Elsevier International: Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health  – Nutrition Network (nutrition-network.org)

Artificial sweeteners may hurt liver’s ability to process medication (msn.com)

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